Construct and destruct,
Add and remove,
Learning by doing.

This manifesto underpins my approach to design, encompassing my views and approach towards creating work which is:

I will transform the mundane into the extraordinary - EXPERIMENT with both handmade and digital techniques, use the element of surprise.

My process will be to Create, Rebuild, Destroy and Repeat until I have successfully answered the needs of the brief in hand.

I will encourage the audience to participate & interact using TACTILE elements. Play with materials, challenge myself and others. Design does not have to be precious. It can incorporate the senses, particularly touch. What good is a book if it is never picked up?

Some designs may last the test of time and others might be transient, but both will serve their purpose and both will inspire.

I will make design MEMORABLE. Innovate in order to ENGAGE & wow the audience. Pick an unexpected route to navigate a project.

I will weave my way through different fields of inspiration. In order to EXPRESS an idea that my audience have not seen before, I must leave no single stone unturned.

There is always an 'and...' - something to learn or explore. When researching I will keep my mind open. When designing I will provide additional elements for my audience to discover.

Inspiration is everywhere - I will absorb experiences, conversations, books... Be inspired by others' success and use it to fuel my creative fire.

For some, design is all about the destination.
I'm in it for the journey.